Call Recorder Live

Phone recording for all iphone models

Call Recorder Live uses your operator's conference call feature to record your conversations.Very simple to use

Start the call which you want to call number or select the phone number you want to record the call from your contacts.

Easy to Use

Easily Edit, Trim, Manage, Sync, and Share your recordings.

More Efficient

Faster and Simpler, So you can focus on what's at the hand.

Unlimited recording

Record as long as you want, and record as many times as you want.

Real-time waveform

Waveform is displayed in real time during recording

Call Recorder

Record your phone calls, listen, share and edit at any time. Call Recorder Live is a call recording application that is very easy to use developed for iphone phones. With Call Recorder Live, You can record important phone calls, phone conversations you make on the phone or a special phone call that you want to record in a practical way. You can listen to your recorded calls, share and edit them whenever you want, anywhere. .

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